To follow this procedure, make shure your nozzles are clean and not hot

Tools needed :

- Philips screwdriver

- 7mm (or 9/32") pipe wrench

- 2mm (or 5/64") Allen key

I. How to check if my nozzles are well aligned ?

1. Remove the Printing Head cover with zim switched off.

2. Turn on your zim

3.On zim software,  go to "Manage my zim" page, and follow bed leveling procedure for the right nozzle as indicated in How to lever the printing plate

4. Repeat the same steps for the left nozzle,without moving the printing plate, . If you do not have the same "barely touching the paper" feeling, your nozzle are not at the same height. You need to recalibrate the height of your nozzles.

II. How to recalibrate my Nozzles

1. Using the Platform tab on the "Manage my zim" page, lower the platform by 50 mm

2. Screw the lowest nozzle tightly, and align both nozzles as precisely as possible.

3. Bring up the platform 50mm (same distance as you brought) it down before,control the alignment and repeat the previous steps until the nozzles are well aligned. If you can't screw the lowest nozzle anymore, you can slightly unscrew the highest nozzle to get to the correct alignment.