The goal of this procedure is to test the 8 endstops of your zim : 2 for X Axis, 2 for Y Axis, 2 for Z Axis and 2 in the cartridges holder to sense is there is filament in the teflon tube goint from the cartridge to the .

1. Go to your zim homepage (the URL can be different depending on how you access to this page). In this case, the zim URL is the IP number of the printer :



3. On your zim software homepage, enter ‘/test_endstop’ after the IP or name of your zim. You can read the status of each endstop of your zim.



4. You can test each endstop by pressing them in the printer as follows. You will observe their status on the “test_endstop” page change from ‘Not Pressed’ to ‘Pressed’ (or "Filament" or "No filament")





 4.1 Left X Axis

 4.2 RightX Axis


 4.3 Right Y Axis

 4.4 Left Y Axis


 4.6 Z Axis top position


 4.6 Z Axis bottom position

 4.7 filament endstops (also called filament sensors ) on both sides You need to take out the internal cover to test these.

Insert filament from under the metal gear to activate the endstop. You should hear/sense a small click.