The leveling of the printing plate has been calibrated at the factory and should not have to be modified until you change the nozzles, the printing plate or if the leveling screws are moved.

The leveling is essential to the proper functioning of zim.

  • If there is not enough space between nozzle and printing bed, plastic will not be extruded and the nozzle may clog.
  • If there is too much space between nozzle and printing bed, extruded plastic will not stick to the printing bed and the print will fail.

Item required : a standard sheet of paper.

1. Go to your zim software homepage

2. Expand the Bed Leveling Tab at the bottom of the page.

The printing platform drawing will show up with the 3 leveling spots identified.

3. Click the icon 1 to move the head above the front central adjustment bolt 

4. “Paper” adjustment process:

Place the paper between the right nozzle and the plate.
(If needed press down on the plate to place the paper)

5. Turn clockwise to give room between the nozzle and the paper and counterclockwise to tighten the plate.

Move the sheet on the plate so that you feel a small resistance of the paper against the nozzle. The nozzle should barely touch the paper, not more.

6. Repeat the process for bolts 2 and 3.

Your printing plate is leveled.