This procedure details how to connect your zim to a wifi network.

if you aren't able to complete this procedure, we have outlined some of the most frequent reasons and workarounds

at the end of the document.

Requirements :

The setting up of zim requires a PC or a MAC with Wi-Fi connectivity. 

1. Switch on your zim by pressing the power button.

Wait for 45 seconds after pushing the button until the green light flashes once. 

2. On your device (PC or MAC) go to the Wi-Fi networks list and select “zim_initialization”.

Once connected launch your web browser and type in the address bar:

3. Click on the name of the Wi-Fi network on which you want zim to connect to, as shown below.


4. Type the password of the network you selected and then click on OK 


5. The screen below will appear for at most 3 minutes.


If your PC/Mac doesn't reconnect automatically to the network you chose for zim to connect to, you must reconnect your PC/Mac yourself to this network

Technical note

Several things needs to happen during the few minutes this screen appears 

a. The peer-to-peer connection between your PC/Mac and zim is severed ("zim_initialization" disappears from the list of wifi networks)

b. zim connects to the wifi network you chose

c. Your PC/Mac connects to the same network (either automatically or you need to connect it yourself)

d. Your browser tries to access zim at one of the following URLs (http://zim/ or http://zim.local) as it takes several minutes for these URLs to become accessible

6. After the previous step, you should arrive to the following screen. Just follow the instructions to create your account at

This will allow you, among other things, to connect to your zim from anywhere on the Internet.

7. Once your Zeepro account is setup successfully, you will see the following screen:

At this stage you can access and control zim from any internet connected device like Smartphones or tablets by going to

MOST FREQUENT ISSUES ... and what to do about it

Computer Networks are tricky, there are so many Networking Devices, so many way to parameter them, without even talking about ISPs restrictions

that it's almost impossible to predict them all.

1. Right after I unpacked my zim, the "Zim_initialization" doesn't appear in the list of wifi networks

Try several wifi devices as not all may be able to connect to zim (in our experience, most PC or Mac laptops are able to connect to zim)

2. I was able to select my wifi network and enter my password but either the screen at step 5 stayed on indefinitely or the following screen appeared

This screen means that your PC/Mac and zim weren't able to connect over the three minutes allocated for it at step 5.
Follow the indications on the screen

The most common reasons are the following 
- faulty wifi network password (zim_initialization reappears after a few minutes)
- wifi network to which zim can't connect (very rare in a home or small office setting)
- PC/Mac didnt reconnect to the wifi network in he allotted time
- http://zim/ or http://zim.local/ URL hasn't been propagated over the allotted time

3. I was able to select my wifi network and enter my password and then the following screen appeared

This screen means that your PC/Mac and your zim were able to connect but zim couldn't get on the Internt to access Zeepro servers.

You can use your zim only in local mode at http://zim/ or http://zim.local/

Contact us at so that we can solve this connection issue.