2015.05.05 - 1.8.3 (firmware (if your zim has not upgraded to at least this version, please contact us at support@zeepro.com)  

Zim interface:

Zeepro Models improvement

New ZeeproShare UI (don’t forget to clean the browser cache)


Improvement of mono-extruder priming process

2015.04.20 - 1.8.2 (firmware

Zim interface:

New Zeepro models

Extruder multiplier support

Interface pattern spacing now supports decimal values

Bug fix: rendering direction


Extruder multiplier support


3DSlash model import

1-click-to-print API

2015.03.26 - 1.7.1 (firmware

Zim interface:

Improved 3D visualization of models before printing

Real-time model adjustment when scaling or rotating

New Models added


Single extruder management


RTL8188CU WiFi support

2015.02.26 - 1.6 (firmware

Zim interface:

New page for advanced users (G-code uploading)

2015.02.17 - 1.5 (firmware

Zim interface:

Slice models much faster thanks to the new Cloud Slicing feature. Check it now!

Enjoy new creative models from Zeepro like the Golden Gate Bridge


Improved power button management

2015.02.02 - 1.4.1 (firmware

Zim interface:

New Zeepro models

Add print again button on cancel page

Add return to slicer result page link

Improve slicer model setting page and logo style


Fix bug in pre-sliced model print call

Improve performance and internal structures


Partial source code clean in main loop, and reduce binary file size

Fix serial port communication logical issue

Enhance loading and priming support for PVA


Pre ending script support to screen platform lowing in slower speed in time-lapse

Disable HLS video file cache to improve IE support

Clean up some unused files

2015.01.26 - 1.4 (firmware

Zim interface:

Store your models and their associated print settings in "My libraries"

Share now your zim-motion videos on Facebook!

Analyze and view the generated G-code, right after slicing - (credit: gCodeVisualizer - http://gcode.ws)

Improve model preparation before printing (rotation and scaling)


Improve and fix HLS video cancelling issues

Fix PVA loading and unloading speed


Improve print fan management after print cancellation

Improve retraction compensation speed for PVA



Post heating script support to start zim-motion after nozzles heating

Activate HTTP compression to speed up communication

2014.12.22 - 1.3u2 (firmware

Zim interface:

New "My Library" feature, allowing users to store any STL model and to trigger prints directly from their mobile device

New "My zim shop" link for easier access to any zim material

Now with YouTube sharing option for time-lapse video

Improved print summary details (printing temperature, elapsed time)


Bug fix: reset extruder at beginning of printing to avoid wrong temperature assignment in mono-color model

Bug fix: error when getting temperature gcode returns wrongly with a timeout fixed



Filament unload procedure improvement

Lower minimum extrusion temperature (155 °C)



Post printing script support improvement

Lighttpd rewrite regex rules improvement



2014.11.26 - 1.2

Zim interface:

Introduction of Zim-motion time-lapse video including email sharing feature

New Zeepro models added

Improved model scale management

Customer Care integration

Optimized loading and priming temperatures

Other minor bug fixes



Optimizations on inactivity management

Improvement on fan temperature management

Bug fix: flush call error



Bug fix: allow space characters in SSID

Bug fix: version number management (software and firmware)

2014.11.10 - 1.1

Bug fix: RFID CRC failure
Improved: RFID read/write speed
Improved: head fan management

Bug fix: filament error management on slicing page
Bug fix: adapt slicing parameter Slic3r 1.1.7 (Seam position)
Bug fix: support Pillar support Slic3r option 
Improved: installation procedure (check for Internet connection, info/warning messages and email)
Improved: upgrade procedure (clickable message on home)
Improved: slicing presets
Improved: customer support tools (extrusion_control page)
Improved: allow single-color printing when the other cartridge is in an error state
Improved: calibration model (suppress M106 G-code)
Improved: Ethernet cable connection management when in WiFi mode
Improved: wording / translation

Bug fix: preset management after a deletion

2014.11.04 - Kickstarter_1.0.12u10  

Improved head fan management (fan stops now when temperatures drop below 55°C) 

Improved activation procedure (information management and translation)
Improved rendering and model management (allows rendering of larger size stl files)
Improved priming and unloading procedure (mainly to avoid instances of filament staying blocked in the printing head)
Improved Webapp (CSS modification)
Added shutdown button

Added restart and shutdown function

2014.10.27 - Kickstarter_1.0.12u7  


Bug fix : filament length calculation overflow
Improved RFID protocol

Updated slicer to Slic3r 1.1.7
Improved rendering
Added model auto-resize

Bug fix: network error management
Bug fix: special slicing parameters rest API management
Bug fix: deal with RFID tag timing issues
Improved sensors testing
Improved password interface
Improved rendering interface
Improved configuration interface
Improved printing temperature adjustment
Improved video player synchronization
Improved temporary files management
Improved slicer parameter interface
Improved translation
Improved UI for iOS devices
Added slicer page synchronization control
Added new version hint on homepage

2014.10.10 - Kickstarter_1.0.12u4  

Improved firmware retraction (length and speed)

Updated slicer presets

2014.10.09 - Kickstarter_1.0.12u2  

Improved sensors management and testing

Bug fix: Cancel printing on Firefox

Bug fix: Print again button

Improved slicer process management

Improved preset name management

Improved wording in several languages

2014.10.07 - Kickstarter_1.0.12u1

Fixed automatic upgrade process issues

Fixed spinners on page zeepro models page when using back button (Firefox and Internet Explorer)

Improved slicer error message translation

Improved slicer process management

2014.10.03 - Kickstarter_1.0.11u9 

Cartridge management improvements

2014.10.02 - Kickstarter_1.0.11u8 

Added cancel button during slicing

Improved slicer process management

Improved slicer logging

2014.10.02 - Kickstarter_1.0.11u7

Added model auto-resizing/cancel choice when model exceeds volume size

Added platform size infomation in the API

2014.10.01 - Kickstarter_1.0.11u6

Hotfix: update recovery mode function (environment variable flash error) and correction of recovery script

2014.10.01 - Kickstarter_1.0.11u5

Improveed configuration procedure (support Android and non-NetBIOS/Bonjour devices using Directory Server loopback)

Add verification of allowed languages in header request (for iOS app)

Hotfix: workaround for package image version number (internal automatic update issue)

2014.09.30 - Kickstarter v1.11u4

Improved Slicer process management (auto-restart)

Improved Slicer error management

Allowed filaments inversion for both single and dual-color models.
Improved slicing result generation speed
Improved preview color management to use actual cartridge colors in slicing result page
Allowed special characters in SSID
Added Controller Firmware deactivate cartridge update on stand-by (to allow low level interface usage)
Fixed loading cartridge image error
Fixed enable slice again function
Improved get serial number function (mac address)
Improved general wording